Friday, February 25, 2011

The love of one anther does not mean approving of things that are destructive. Reaction to Huffinting post blog

 This is a reaction to this blog, written by someone who has obviously not read my beloved Bible but yet tried to use to to defend what the Bible condemns.

Ruth was Naomi's daughter in law who promised never to leave the older woman after both their husbands died. Through out the book of Ruth Naomi calls Ruth her daughter, not her wife or lover or anything remotely like it. It was not a  pledge of fidelity and I have never heard it read at a wedding like that post says. Ruth actually married a few years later and the Bible says Naomi was thrilled about it and she held their son and became a nurse to him. These are two of my favorite people in the Bible and they were mother and daughter not a gay married couple. To say so is an out right lie.
The rest went on about judgement and love, judgement as far as condemning belongs to God but the Bible also says for us to tell someone when they are sining, out of LOVE for them, so they know what they are sinning. It also says not to let sin flourish in your community or it spreads. That is not condemning someone. It's love for the person sinning and love for the society we live in. As far a using Paul's words about God opening our eyes to new things, he was talking about God showing him heavenly things. God did show Paul heavenly things that he didn't show everyone, he wasn't talking about opening our eyes to other ways of life, that the bible says are sinful all the sudden not being sinful. God never changes. The rules never change. And if were gonna use the parts of the Bible that says that God saw his creation is good, we could use that to excuse anything couldn't we? The Bible is not a pick or choose book it's very clear about what's a sin. He may have let some things to debatable, to drive us to further study Him and His word but not when it comes to sin. The Bible does say that two people of the same sex having sex is a sin, now if people don't want to believe the Bible then they don't have to, but this blog was a huge stretch to try to use it as the Bible Supports same- sex marriage. They should really read something themselves if there gonna try to use to to defend their points of view.
It's been my experience people who claim to have read it then try to debate me on what it really says, don't know anymore then what they've read or heard in things like this blog. Basing their argument on second hand lies. I've had people who were all up in arms eventually calm down and level with me, and just saying 'OK wanna know the truth I've always thought".....or "when I was a kid I used to think.....

The Bible is a living book that changes people, it also is a mirror as it calls itself, that shows us where we miss the mark. That is why it makes so many people angry. They like the way they believe things are. They don't want to hear they are wrong, in the sense as they sin or their way of thinking about other's sin is wrong. But that is a god made with human hands, the true living God does not bow to our ways or what we think is right.

Before the fall of man, everything was perfect. He does not expect things to be perfect now but His word guides us to a better life as individuals and as a society. Did you know the average gay male's age of death is 34? That should sadden all our hearts. Even secular psychology says a child is best served being raised by a father and a mother. Yet some groups who place children, their job being, to find the best home for the child have been sued for only placing children with married couples with a mother and a father.

 Love doesn't mean approval. God loves us but He certainly dose not approve in all we do.Christians don't oppose same sex marriage out of hate or fear we oppose it because we love our world. Just like those verses the blog referred to. The love of one anther does not mean approving is things that are destructive.

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